Featured Project – Dining Room Cabinets

This is my latest effort and represents a few key milestones for me. First of all it is my best effort to date.  The wall of cabinets includes a stained hardwood counter-top, glass panel doors, glass shelving. and a floor to ceiling unit.


The whole unit was designed with detailed input from the clients and is a main feature in their home’s dining room.  My client’s needed lots of storage in their Brookland rowhouse, including the ability to store tall things like folding chairs and a vacuum as well as functional counter space.


The glass panels and glass shelves above the counter provide the ability to display nice tableware and increase light transmission and the feeling of openness.  Most of the storage below the counter is behind inset doors but the center unit is a slide out tray that holds a wine rack and removable tray and drawer set.

IMG_20141018_102112522  IMG_20141018_102139529

One other feature I will call out is the floating shelf in the center.  it is made of the same maple that the counter is made of and is designed to look like a massive beam and is finished in the same manor as the counter.


This project stretched my skills and today I am a better carpenter and designer than when I started the project.  I especial learned a lot about finishing maple, which is prone to blotching.

I ‘d like to give a shout-out to several people who helped me out with this project.  First a huge “thank you” to Stuart Kern who helped me with finishing, installing, and taught me a ton along the way.   Stuart is a local firnature maker who’s reputation is on the rise.  He is building a portfolio of fine work and I suggest you commission him now for your fine furnature needs before he gets too busy or too expensive.  Visit his website here.

Charles Neil is a nationally known expert in furniture making, finishing and antique restoration work and is based in the Shenandoah Valley.  He has built a large following on his website and youtube channel and teaches beginner and master classes all along the eastern US.  I was blown away when he came to my house to help me with a tricky finishing issue I was having with the blotch-prone maple I used for the counter.  His subscription based finishing and woodworking classes on his site are well worth the money – highly recommended.  Here are links to his website, blog, and youtube channel

And last but not least, thanks to my clients Justin and Kata. They accomodated my quirky schedule, had great design sense that guided this project and turned me onto some really good restaurants in Brookland.  See you at Menomale soon guys!

finished1 truck_tools1 IMG_20140601_091524923 (1) DiningRmSketch