A Tale of Two Covers

Originally posted: 9/8/2013 6:19:58 PM


My last few commissions have been radiator covers; I do like the variation and the creativity they sometimes require. Here is a brief description of two recent installations that represent very different styles.

Half Bath Cover

First up is a small cover I made for a radiator in a powder room. There wasn’t any major design requirement or theme to adhere too so I had some freedom to explore some options. As you can see in the “before” photo below, this was also a challenging space to fill because of the very close proximity to the toilet.


In order to eek-out a little extra utility from the cover, my client and I decided to make the cover wider than the actual radiator and create a shelf next to the toilet as you can see in the photo. The right side platform hides the pipes and provides a place for a trash can, toilet paper holder, plant, etc. Since one would be placed in very close proximity to this cover if one were to actually use the toilet, I choose to put a relatively large radius round-over on the vertical slats to soften the look. The holes in the wider slats represent bubbles rising in water and getting larger. I thought this would add a little fun variety to the cover and add another soft, round element to the piece.


The next cover is one that I built for a client who I made other covers for; so this one matches the style of the previous ones. This one is taller and narrower that your “average” radiator and occupies a space directly inside of the main entrance.


The goal here was proportion and functionality. I made this cover taller than necessary for two main reasons. First, the top is about as high as an out-stretched arm, a good height for tossing keys or papers when entering or leaving the house. Second, I was able to achieve a more pleasing proportion of the whole unit by making the top a bit higher than the actual radiator required.


To occupy the dead space between the right side of the radiator cover and the front wall of he house, I built in a drawer (for charging cell phones), mail slots, and a cubby for shoes, backpack, purse, etc.

Here’s a few shots of the works in progress:

2013-01-02_07-13-47_970 2012-12-30_18-17-33_432




IMG_20130821_193823_783  IMG_20130821_193742_246