About Me

I got into renovation work when I owned my first house and found that I not only enjoyed the design process of re-skinning rooms but got darn good results as well.  I did some work for friends and neighbors and, after much encouragement, was convinced to accept payment for my work.  That began the HWHOMEWORKS journey that has culminated in what you see here.


I am also, undeniably, a major tool geek.  I love a well concieved and well made tool.  And I love learning the nuances of proper tool use.  However, what I really admire is the sheer artistry that some people can produce from just adequate or even crappy tools.  Thoughtfully employing practice, repetition, technique, method, flow.  Solving problems and filling a need…artfully.  That is what really drives me.


I’ve always been a maker.  As a young boy I tried knitting, crocheting, and sewing.  I made my first backpack from a Frostline kit.  My dad had two brothers, one was a plumber and one was carpenter and I definately inherited their tradesman spirit.  I endeaver to honor that spirit with every project I undertake.


I promise confidence in project design and implementation and competence in material knowledge and tool skills.  I’m happy to discuss your project with you and will provide CAD, dimentioned drawings at a nominal fee which I’ll deduct from the project cost if I build it.

Contact me via email at hwhomeworks[at]gmail[dot]com

Call or text me at 301-502-1846.