Toy Story

Originally posted on 10/12/2012 10:19:12 PM

This small installation is a great example of my design goals for enhancing a small space – aesthetically and functionally.  The original bench/window seat was a bit dated and looked “slapped together”.  The storage space was difficult to access and was too small for the growing pile of toys for this young family.


The new frame-and-panel construction of the drawer fronts make better visual sense and cut-out finger grips on the top and bottom of each drawer front means that there is no need for any visible hardware to distract the eye.


The new bench is larger (in both height and depth) to maximize storage space and to provide a comfortable sitting height.  We decided on full-extension drawer slides to make access to the space (ie, toys) easier for parents and children alike.  The “flow” or functional utility was enhanced by the use of trays instead of traditional drawers.  The trays are designed to hold removable bins that can be moved around the room for easy clean-up or to transport a bunch of toys to a remote play area.